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Why Thorndike Mills Rugs Are the Best Quality Braided Rugs Money Can Buy


Why Thorndike Mills Rugs Are the Best Quality Braided Rugs Money Can Buy

 Thorndike Mills rugs have been being made with quality and durability since 1925; though the name has changed since its inception, from the family name of G.M. Garabedian to Thorndike Mills, it is the same rug company, making a timeless and high quality product today, as it was then.

 There are many reasons why Thorndike Mills rugs are the best quality rugs that money can buy:

 Cloth Braiding

 Thorndike Mills is the only company that manufactures rugs done by cloth constructed braiding, the only thing better would be an actual completely hand made braided rug. Their rug sizes are accurate; so if you order a 6x9, you will get a 6x9, plus or minus an inch or so. Most braided rugs are not sized this accurately.

 Custom Sizes

 For many households, standard sized rugs will not work; custom sizing is required. Thorndike Mills will create a custom sized rug without charging significantly large fees, and will be able to make them as close to the regular manufacturing time, as they do with their standard sized rugs.

 Quality Sewing Thread

 Thorndike Mills uses quality threading; spun polyester with cotton wrapping. This combination is durable, and is used by many quality footwear manufacturers. Thorndike Mills makes certain that their thread is matched in color, to each specific rug; so that every rug is perfectly color coordinated, without any flaws in their aesthetics.

 Unsurpassed Color Matching

 Thorndike Mills never uses pre-processed thread colors, so a commercial color matching can  always be guaranteed. Only raw materials are used and manufactured according to strict instructions. Thorndike Mills rugs are never made from re-processed materials. They are all original creations made from scratch, from beginning to end.

 Quality Fillers

 Thorndike Mills rugs are manufactured with the highest quality fillers, made of a blend of pre-shrunk cotton and synthetic fibers. With quality fillers, customers can avoid the usual problems of cheaper made braided rugs, such as shrinking, and color bleeding.

 Besides all of these great manufacturing qualities, Thorndike Mills, assures the customer that their rugs will have a smooth transition of colors, and that each end row is hand sewn to assure perfect symmetry in each rug. The last row is tapered down to make certain that every rug has a subtly finished edge; therefore no Thorndike Mills rug will ever come with “rat tail” edges.

 Taking the utmost care with each and every braided rug, Thorndike Mills, guarantees the beauty and quality of each piece. Each braided rug is made with the integrity of the first product made when proud Armenian, G.M. Garabedian began weaving, back in 1925, making “rag rugs” in a basement in Boston.

 With a strong work ethic, heart, and endurance, Mr. Garabedian turned his company into not just a successful rug company, but a trusted name in the rug making industry, that signifies durability and stands the test of time and tradition. Everyone who knows quality, knows Thorndike Mills rugs is The name in the braided rug industry if you are seeking a rug to last from decade to decade.



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