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What Kind of Braided Rug Is for Me?

If you have a floor surface that does not have a carpet, chances are you’ve thought about getting a rug.  Rugs can keep bare feet warm, cushion feet so they don’t get sore and protect the floor from hard items that may fall onto it.  Rugs also can also make the space look cozier or add to the color scheme.  Braided rugs are often more durable, come in various sizes and offer a different style to the room that most rooms do not possess. 


Even if you know that you want a braided rug, you may not know what kind of rug is best for you.  The most commonly thought of braided rug is small and oval shaped.  However, they come on many shapes, sizes, colors, materials and purposes.  There are many things to consider when picking out a braided rug. 


Indoor or Outdoor Rug?


Braided rugs are already more sturdy that regular rugs so you may not think that it matters if the rug was made for inside or outside.  Nevertheless, it is very important to know where you are going to put the rug. 


An outdoor rug is great if you have a pool or a hot tub.  Placing a braided rug next to the hot tub or pool makes getting out of the water more comfortable.  Having a rug next to the hot tub is especially important if you are going to use the hot tub when it is cold outside.  Stepping onto a rug is much more pleasant than stepping onto the cold patio floor. 


If you just want a rug for the patio, that is also a great reason to get a braided rug.  A rug on the patio could allow the baby to crawl on the patio during the summer without fear of splinters or can be a more comfortable spot for the dog to sit and sun bathe.  A rug can also make the space more comfortable for walking and can add style to the bare patio. 


Outdoor rugs are reversible so if the rug gets dirty on one side it can be flipped over.  It is also fade and stain resistant.  Rain and sun are relentless in their ability to fade colors and patio BBQs are gatherings that could land blobs of ketchup on the carpet.  The outdoor carpet also should be made of sturdier and more rugged material than the indoor carpet.  The outdoor carpet has to withstand shoes running on it, dogs tramping on it, mud, rain, ice and sun.  The outdoor carpet also should be mold and mildew resistant.  If you want an outdoor rug to last a long time, you’ve got to get the right rug.



What Shape is Best?


The shape of a rug is one of the most important deciding factors on which one to get.  However, if can be hard to decide what shape you need for your space.


One consideration when picking the shape of a rug is the shape of the room in which it will reside.  Although most people have square and rectangle rooms, some rooms are shaped differently.  A room that is shaped differently will often benefit from a round or oval rug to soften the odd angles.  In a room with a more standard shape, there are a few more options.

The amount of area that is meant to be covered by the rug is also important.  If you are planning to cover most of the floor of the room, a square or rectangular rug is best for covering most of the space.  If you just want a small rug, you can base the shape more on where in the room it will go.


Another way to decide the shape is to know where in the room the carpet will sit.  A rug that is meant to be by the side of the bed read for feet to land on it would be best as an oval rug.  A rug meant to be under the table is best octagon shaped.

What Size is Best?


This is probably the easiest question.  The size of rug you should get depends on the size of the room and what you are doing with the rug.  A rug meant to cover most of the floor should be large but one meant as a landing pad for feet in the morning when getting out of bed can be smaller.  Most of the time it is best to measure the space before deciding what size of rug to buy.


Another thing to think about when thinking about size is to decide how often you will want to wash the rug.  A small rug can potentially be thrown into the washer or can be cheaper to get steam cleaned.  A large rug cannot fit in the washing machine. 


What Color is Best?


Color is where you have the most freedom.  Are you trying to add a striking contrasting color to the room or are you wanting the rug to blend into the décor?  Is it an outdoor rug or an indoor rug?  Is the rug going to have children or clumsy people eating food over it?  If there is danger of food being spilled on it, you will want a color that will absorb coffee stains. 


Rugs can be great accents to a room and are also very functional.  All you need it to do a little brainstorming as to which rug is best for you. 

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