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Thorndike Mills

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Thorndike Mills blends the traditional process of braiding rugs with modern styles and colors to create an classic design with an updated look. Thorndike Mills produces the best and only true cloth rugs in the country. All of the material for their braided cloth rugs are custom made with stringent standards.  Cloth is cut to exact specifications, spliced together and then sewn together at an angle for an incredibly durable seam.  Finally a professional stitcher ensures the rug is stitched together with the right stitch and tension so the rug will lay flat, even after professional cleaning. This process guarantees a durable, elegant rug to match any decor.  

Thorndike Mills also produces yarn rugs.  Only using the best raw materials and adhering to specific quality control, makes these braided yarn rugs the best on the market!  Unlike other yarn rugs being sold today, Thorndike Mills weaves the finest 2-ply carpert yarns together to make a durable fabric.  Only the best filler is used as the yarn is braided.  Then the braids of yarn are sewn together into a rug by skilled artisans for a resiliant, lasting rug.

All of their braided rugs are hand inspected for the best craftmanship before shipped to the consumer, so you can feel confident in everything they produce. We carry everything that Thorndike Mills has to offer. If you are looking for a specific item, but just can't seem to find it, ask us! We're always happy to help.

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