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Keeping Your Braided Rug Clean

In addition to their stylish appearance and beauty, braided rugs also known to collect very little dirt. The individual strands of fabric weaved together create a natural barrier that's difficult for dirt to penetrate. Unfortunately, though, this doesn't mean they are completely immune to dust and dirt. After walking over your rug day-after-day, it will inevitably begin to gather some dirt. To clean it, follow the steps outlined below and you'll be well on your way to having your braided rug look as pristine as it did when you first purchased it.

First and foremost, it's important to always be aware of what you are trekking over your braided rug. If it's rainy outside and you just walked through the muddy yard, then perhaps you should take your shoes off before walking over the rug. Dry dirt and dust is typically far easier to remove than wet mud. Once mud gets down into fibers, you'll have to work extra hard to clean it. The bottom line is that you need to be aware of how dirty your shoes are before walking over your new braided rug.

The basic cleaning routine for a braided rug should start with a thorough vacuuming on the surface. Take your rug over to an area of your house with an outlet nearby and run the vacuum on the most powerful setting possible. Another trick to help clean your rug is to lower the head of the vacuum down so it's closer to the rug. This will create more suction, which in turn picks up more dust and dirt. You don't have to spend 15 minutes vacuuming your braided rug, but instead just run over it a couple times until you no longer see any visible dirt.

How often you need to vacuum your braided rug will depend on a number of different factors. Rugs places outside where they are freely exposed will naturally accumulate more dirt than those placed inside the home. On the other hand, braided rugs placed around the door where there's a constant flow of foot traffic will also require more frequent vacuuming. Just keep an eye on your rug and occasionally check it to determine when it needs a good cleaning.

There are times when your braided rug will require more than just a run over with the vacuum to clean it. If you see mud or caked-on dirt, you'll have to take a different approach to cleaning it. Start by filling a large bucket with warm water and mixing in some mild liquid dish soap. Take the solution and your rug outside where you won't be able to make a mess everywhere. Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution on your rug and then use a scrub brush to work the stains out. Continue rubbing the scrub brush in a clockwise motion, covering all of the visible surface until it comes clean. Once you are finished, rinse the braided rug back off with clean water and leave it outside to dry.

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