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Important Interior Decorating Tips When Choosing An Area Rug



Choosing a decorating style can involve many detailed decisions; and picking out the accessories to go with your chosen theme, can be a bit daunting. Rugs are extremely important to help accentuate and enhance your decorating style; and deciding on which area rugs will work best for your decor, can be a difficult decision.

 Area rugs can serve many purposes in a home; to protect floors from heavy foot traffic, to bring out the beauty of dining room tables, or to simply add style and flair to any room decor. Area rugs play a huge part in the theme and design of a home; and can be used in just about every room of the house as a decorative accessory.

 The Best Ways to Choose An Area Rug

  •  Practicality and Floor Protection

Some area rugs are perfect for protecting tile or hardwood floors. If the room gets a lot of foot traffic, like people coming in and out, from the outdoors; it’s important that the rug you choose be made of quality and durable materials. It is best to choose a rug that can withstand the remnants of weather related moisture, like rain and snow. These rugs work best in foyers, kitchen, and dining areas, where most families and visitors gather.

  •  Color and Design

An area rug can either be an accent to a room decor, or act as the inspiration to developing a decorating theme. By choosing a color, style, and design; an area rug can be the center of the room, helping you to choose paint colors, furniture, and other accessories. The right color and design is important in every room, but especially in the main living areas, such as the livingroom, and dining rooms. The style of the rug can also help you to choose a type of decor, such as modern, classic, art deco, or minimalist.

  •  Size is Important

 Measuring the space in which you are placing the area rug is highly important. You will want the area rug to suit the space perfectly. If it is a foyer area or entrance way, you will want an area rug that is at least the width of the doorway and covers the length of the foyer. If you are using an area rug to compliment a large living room, dining room, or bedroom space, you will need to decide if it is going under a table, bed, or covering an empty space in the middle of the floor. This will allow you to shop for a rug that is the proper size for how you are choosing to use it. Take good measurements of your space before purchasing. It is also good to let a professional know exactly how you plan to use an area rug. They can help you with proper sizing.

  •  Traditional, Modern, Square, or Round

 It is up to you, as the homeowner, how classic or eclectic you want your decor to be; but there are certain rules you can follow to help with this decision. Normally square or rectangular rugs work extremely well with modern and minimalist designs.  Also area rugs with more simplistic colors, or design patterns, work well with modern decor. Round and oval, traditionally styled rugs are perfect to accentuate a more classic or country style of home decor. However, these are just rules, and can certainly be broken if you absolutely love the way the way a certain area rug looks in your home.

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