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How To Pick An Oval Braided Rug


How To Pick An Oval Braided Rug For Large Living Areas


Braided rugs are versatile and there is a size and shape for any room of the house. Though round rugs and oval rugs usually compliment a more traditional setting, and square and rectangular rugs are many times used for modern decor; both can be used in any way you like, to add style, color, and protection for your floors.


Oval braided rugs are extremely popular because they look great in many different types of spaces. They can look very formal in large dining rooms, and warm and casual in den and family room areas of the home. If you are drawn to the oval braided rug’s shape and design, there are many ways you can use them in your home to accentuate your decor and bring warmth and comfort to large spaces.


Oval braided area rugs come in gorgeous vibrant solid colors, beautiful patterns, and multi-color designs. They come in traditional styles, classic, and also modern designs. You will need to determine which will go best with the decor of the room. If you are placing the oval braided rug in a room that is already furnished, you may want to match the style of the decor. If your furniture is traditional, a Capel Manchester or Capel Bangor braided rug would fit perfectly, and beautifully compliment traditional design. These are both warm and earth tone colored, and will create a feeling of comfort in a large space. They would work well under a sofa and chair set, or in the middle of the room under lighting or a chandelier, as the focal point of the space.


If you are placing an oval braided rug in a large empty space, the rug can be used as inspiration to help you design the rest of the decor. In this case you are able to choose which style, color, or pattern you like best, and style everything else around it. The oval braided rug can act as the centerpiece of the room. Colonial Mills’ Boston Commons rug is an example of a modern patriotic design in cool colors. It would work well with a nautical look in a large library, or any large room with cool modern or pastel colors.


The Colonial Mills Blokburst design and Capel’s Sweet Treats are light pastel looks that will work well in a formal beach house, or resort style design in a room. Great for large enclosed porch areas, Florida rooms, or enclosed decks. The Capel St. Johnsbury or Capel Sherwood, both in warmer and richer colors, would be more suited to a living room, formal dining room, or in front of a fireplace.


Earth tones and more traditional patterns work well in main living spaces with classic designs. Cooler and modern colors are great for those spaces in the home used as entry ways, children’s rooms, play rooms, entertainment spaces, or in any room with more modern decor.


The great thing about oval braided area rugs is that they can be used as one singular design piece, or you can place a few of them together in a large space. One can take center stage in the room, and other oval braided rugs can be placed as accessories under end tables, in front of fireplaces, or used to accessorize bookshelf corners or to sitting areas.

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