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How to Pick an 8x10 Rug

How To Pick An 8x10 Braided Area Rug For Your Room


Large braided area rugs can be used in small or large spaces in your home. We carry large 8x10 braided area rugs in all shapes; round, oval, and rectangular; and our specialty is making custom sized braided rugs to perfectly suit your needs.


For small, intimate, and cozy spaces; a large area braided rug can act as your total floor covering; providing beauty, comfort, and protection for your floors. If you are using a large braided area rug for a large room, there are many ways you can use them to add style to your decor. An 8x10 rectangular rug looks great in the center of a modern space. Under chandeliers, or the main lighting source in a room, these large area braided rugs can be the inspiration for the rest of your design.


Large 8x10 area rugs in oval or rectangular shapes, help to accentuate the design of your furniture. Choose a rectangular shape to place under a modern sofa and chairs, or a more classic oval shape for traditionally designed furniture. If you prefer a more eclectic design style in your home, you can mix and match oval and rectangular braided rugs in the same large space. An 8x10 oval braided rug can highlight your fireplace area, or your dining room area in open space home designs, where your living and dining spaces are combined. In a very large living room or family room area, two large braided rugs can be used to designate certain spaces in the room, such as, reading areas, or kids play areas. A large braided area rug provides the comfort and durability needed to work perfectly for all family and play room activities.


Choosing an 8x10 braided area rug for your foyers, hallways, and entry ways, is simple, if you follow a few tried and tested rules. If your foyer or entry way is long and narrow, a large rectangular braided rug would be best suited to compliment the space. For more oval or circular foyers and entry ways, choose a complimenting round or oval braided rug. And again, these are rules to follow to make choosing a large braided rug, simpler; but ultimately choose what you think looks best in the space.


As far as colors go, all of our 8x10 braided rugs come in a multitude of colors and color patterns. Traditionally, cooler colors will look great in modern, beachy, or resort styled spaces; while warmer earthier tones look best surrounded by more classic decor. Many of the multi-colored patterns are great for to go with any style of decor; it all depends on your furniture choice, style of window treatments, and personal taste.


For cold wintery areas of the country, layering and using multiple 8x10 braided rugs in an enclosed porch area, or any room in the house that gets cold easily, is a practical idea. Besides being great design accessories, braided area rugs are great for keeping tile and wooden floors warm in the winter. They add a coziness and old world charm to any space.


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