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How to Pick A Round Braided Rug For Your Space


How to Pick A Round Braided Rug For Your Space

 So you’ve decided that you want a round braided rug, instead of a square or rectangular one. Round rugs can add a softness to a room with many angles, or compliment the roundness or oval shape of a warm traditional room. Many homeowners are instinctively drawn to round shapes when it comes to tables, accessories, and home decor. Round rugs are a classic look and can accentuate many different types of design.

 When choosing a round braided rug for any of your rooms; consider the size of the room. For smaller, more intimate spaces, a round rug can be used as the centerpiece of the room. It can act as the focal point for the entire design concept. Placed under the main lighting source of the room, in the center, a round rug can be showcased for its exquisite color and braided design.

 Used in large rooms, it may be more complimentary to use multiple round rugs in a space. One in the center; underneath furniture or coffee tables in a livingroom, or underneath a dining table in the dining room. You can use other round rugs in the same space, that are in the same color family; in corners designated for sitting or reading areas, or in front of book shelves or fireplaces. You may have three or four round braided rugs in one large room used for separating the space into different designated areas.

 Color and design patterns are important when picking a round braided rug for your home; especially when you are choosing to use multiple rugs in a space. It is highly fashionable to mix and match colors and patterns; but if you are unsure, staying within the same color family is best. One round braided rug may be in a solid blue, but the other rugs in the room, may be a multicolored pattern with shades of blue mixed in. For the most stylish decor, choose braided rug colors that are great accessories to the furniture  and draperies in the space.

 Our round braided rugs are versatile, can be used in any room in the house, are extremely durable, and reversible for even wear. Choose warm earth tones to compliment wood floors or wood furniture, and cooler colors, like blues, greens, and pink hues, for rooms with a lighter, fresher, and more modern design.

 Round braided rugs tend to look great in intimate corners with a sitting chair, or even a simple papasan chair or bean bag on top of it, for lounging. Try to match the color of the braided rug with the color of the sitting chair or bean bag, or choose an opposite color for a more eclectic look. When choosing a round braided rug for a bedroom or child’s room, placing a large rug at the foot of the bed, and two smaller round rugs under the night stands, will add color and style to an otherwise basic design.

All of our braided rugs are made of high quality fabric, hand crafted, and most importantly, soil resistant. Perfect for any room in the home with heavy foot traffic, or rooms in the house designated for entertaining guests.

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