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How To Determine Which Braided Rug Shape To Choose For Your Room


How To Determine Which Braided Rug Shape To Choose For Your Room

 Choosing to put area rugs in your home is a wise and practical decision, and also a great way to accessorize a room. Braided area rugs are strong and durable protection for your floors. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes; and choosing the right one for your space, will greatly accentuate your decor.

With so many varied shapes of braided area rugs, what factors should be considered when choosing the right shape for your room?

 Where you decide to place the area rug is the first, and one of the most important factors. If you are purchasing a braided area rug for transitional spaces in the home or entrance ways, such as foyers and hallways, choosing a smaller sized square or round area rug is best. If placed in front of a doorway, it should be square or rectangular, and no wider than the door. If placed in a hallway, the braided area rug should be centered under a focal point, such as a light or chandelier, and looks best, if it is round. If you’re going to have a lot of floor space remaining around your area rug, a small round rug is most complimentary, centered in the room under a major light source.

Larger square braided rugs look best as the center of a room; under a sofa, a coffee table, or in a dining area, under a dining room table. Large square rugs also look great in the middle of wide expansive spaces in the home, accentuating a den area, family room, library, or entertainment space. If your chosen space has very little furniture, or most of the furniture is placed around the perimeter of the room, a large square or rectangular area rug can be the focal point of the room, and the main inspiration for the rest of the decor.

 For most home designers and decorators, round and oval rugs best compliment traditional, country, or classicly styled decor. Perfect for country kitchens or dining areas, round and oval rugs have a comfortable old fashioned look that goes well with traditional furnishings. Square and rectangular rugs are perfect for modern and minimalist spaces. A room with furniture that is futuristic; such as pointed edges on a sofa or chairs, and tables, should be accentuated best with area rugs with a more modern shape. This is not to say that oval and round rugs cannot be beautiful in modern spaces, but if you want to stick with a certain theme or era of design, round and oval are more traditional rug shapes.

Room shape and size are also a consideration when choosing the shape of an area rug. Round and oval shaped rooms should be accessorized with round and oval shaped rugs. Newly built homes, condos, and loft spaces tend to be built with rooms with sharper edges, and look best with square or rectangular rugs.

 However, ultimately, it is about the personal preferences of the home owner. Some homeowners are drawn to opposites when it comes to decor, and therefore, may like the softness, an oval rug can lend to a square modern space. These are great guidelines to follow, but it is also fun and creative to take chances when it comes to home design.

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