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How To Choose A Great Outdoor Rug For Your Lifestyle

Many families are spending much more time in their outdoor spaces these days. No matter the season or climate, we are all finding creative ways to make use of our outdoor spaces. The winter weather can be rough on our patios and decks, with all the rain and snow, but outdoor rugs can be a huge help, in adding not only style to your outdoor decor, but being a practical and durable covering for your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor rugs come in many styles and varieties; so you will need to decide where it will be placed and how much use your outdoor rug will receive. Is the rug going to be in a place where it will serve a more decorative purpose, or need to be tough and durable to handle high foot traffic?

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect outdoor rug for your lifestyle:

Rug Materials

When it comes to choosing an outdoor rug, fabric choice is highly important; particularly if the rug is going to be in an area or doorway where people will be coming and going. The winter is the toughest season, with all the snow boots and galoshes tracking over it. You will definitely need to choose a fabric that can withstand this type of foot traffic. There are outdoor rugs that are hand made, machine made, and braided. Each has their own advantages.  Handmade rugs can offer more versatile style and color options and many come with synthetic backings that are skid resistant and helps to maintain the shape of the rug. Many machine made outdoor rugs can be 100% water resistant, which is great for the fall and winter seasons. Braided outdoor rugs may not contain their own skid resistant backing, but mats can be purchased to place under them for safety reasons.

Purely For Decoration?

Depending on where you choose to use your outdoor rug and what climate you live in; some rugs may be designed for a more decorative purpose and not so much for durability or heavy foot traffic. A homeowner would need to consider this factor before making a purchase. Decorative outdoor rugs used for accenting a decor, are perfect for enclosed porches, covered patios, or garage spaces. These types of rugs are often machine washable and line drying, and also perfect for indoor use as kitchen rugs or other places in the home that get a lot of use.

Considering Size and Shape

Be sure to take careful measurements of the area you wish to cover with your outdoor rug, before you shop. Outdoor rugs come in so many different shapes and sizes, if you attempt to purchase without measurements, you may end up with a rug that is too large for a specific area or one that is oddly too small for a large area, and gets lost in the space.

Outdoor rugs are no longer just those brown or straw colored rugs used for doormats; though those basic doormats still exist and have a practical purpose. Now there are so many color patterns and unique shapes and sizes. Outdoor rugs can beautifully help to define spaces, for example, used on a large deck or patio to define the dining area, play area for children, or lounge area for adults. They have many purposes; but choosing the right one for your needs is key, to serving their purposes as enjoyment, beauty, durability, and practicality.  

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