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Commonly Overlooked Ideas When Buying A Kitchen Rug



The kitchen is a busy area of the home for most families. In many homes, the kitchen and dining areas are the heart of the house. It is where everyone gathers to enjoy food, family, and great times.  And because the kitchen area has to endure so much heavy foot traffic, kitchen rugs need to be made of quality materials, be able to handle a lot of wear and tear, and be long lasting.

 When purchasing a kitchen rug, there are some important factors to consider. It is not enough to buy a kitchen rug that matches your decor; there are key factors that need to be addressed if you’re going to have rugs that will stand the test of time and family.


 A kitchen rug needs to be durable; made out of materials that will not easily wear, or get destroyed by constant use. Rugs serve many purposes in the kitchen and dining areas. They are created to be placed under tables, as area rugs, and under the sink and stove, for standing. In an area where people come and go constantly, durable materials are a must. Wool and wool blends are great fabrics for high traffic areas. Cotton and cotton blends are also great strong durable fabrics for kitchen area rugs.

 Skid Resistant

 Most buyers overlook many important aspects when buying kitchen rugs. They look for beauty and style, but that needs to be combined with common sense factors. It is vital that kitchen rugs be skid resistant. When standing and moving around while cooking, doing dishes, or entertaining in the kitchen, safety is a concern. It is wise to have skid free rugs throughout the whole kitchen and dining area, for the safety of the residents and guests. During busy times,  holiday seasons, and big family Sunday dinners, it’s important to recognize the need for safety in your home. If you choose a rug you love because of its color and style, there are also skid resistant pads that can be placed underneath your kitchen rugs. Be sure to consult a professional as to whether or not the rug you choose is made with a skid resistant backing or if you will need to purchase a skid resistant pad.

 Stain Resistant

 A lot of spills happen in the kitchen, so any rug you choose must be stain resistant and/or easy to clean. you should always consider the type of fabric, and its inability to absorb spills and food stains, that will occur when many people are spending a lot of time in a space. Cotton and cotton blends are perfect for kitchen rugs because cotton rugs can be easily cleaned. Many synthetic fabric blends are created with a stain resistant substance. However, the synthetic fiber may lack a bit of comfort as a trade off for its durability and stain resistance.

 Traffic Flow

When buying a kitchen rug, it is wise to think about how much traffic flows through your kitchen and how much time you, as the homeowner, will spend using the rug. If need be, consult our professional rug sales person, and ask for the best, most natural, durable, stain resistant, and safe rug available. If you let them know your needs, the rug purchasing process will be a lot easier.

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