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Using a Braided Rug To Protect Your Floor


Let’s face it, most homeowners use braided rugs for the sophisticated decorative element they provide to a room. Their meticulously woven design creates a uniquely attractive appearance that’s not found in other rugs. Perhaps this is why so braided rugs have remained one of the most popular choices of rugs for over a hundred years. In addition to their stylish appearance and aesthetic features, though, braided rugs can also be used to protect the flooring in a home.

Braided rugs are incredibly strong and durable. Based on their looks alone, one might assume braided rugs are delicate and damage easy. After all, they are made with an emphasis on style and appearance. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve ever owned or felt one, you are probably well aware of their intense strength and durable properties. A well-made braided rug will offer you countless years of use without showing any signs of visible wear.


You can use the durable properties of a braided rug to your advantage by placing them in high-traffic areas of your home. If you want to protect the floor in your home’s foyer (entryway), try placing a braided rug here. When guests first enter your home, they will naturally be greeted with a stylish braided rug. It’s a simple yet sophisticated element that helps to protect the floor while adding a stylish touch to the decor.

Living Room

In most homes, the living room is an area that receives a fair amount of traffic. Depending on how much traffic goes through your living room on a daily basis, you may want to provide some protection to the floor. When guests and family members constantly walk over the living room floor, it can lead to stains, dirt buildups, and even damage. Thankfully, you can protect your living room floor by placing a braided rug down. As previously stated, braided rugs are highly durable with superior strength qualities; therefore, they will naturally hold up better under the intense traffic in a living room.

If you intend on using a braided rug to protect the floor inside your home, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. Braided rugs are excellent for catching dirt and mud, but you must clean them in order to maintain their integrity and attractive look. To clean your braided rug, take it outside and scrub it down with warm water and mild dish soap. When you are finished, rinse off any excess soap and leave it outside to dry. You should now be left with a fresh and clean braided rug that looks brand new.

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