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Simple Ways To Update Your Home’s Front Door


The front door speaks volumes about your home. It’s the first thing a guest noticed upon entering your home, and it’s also the last thing see when leaving your home. Leaving your front door plain and boring sends the wrong message by telling others that you really don’t care about a well-decorating home. Of course, decorating it with the wrong colors or elements can prove to be equally as bad. If you are still scratching your head trying to decorate your front door, keep reading for some simple ways to create a more attractive and beneficial “first impression” for your home.

#1 - Paint It

Have you thought about painting your front door? For the price of a single bucket of paint and about 30 minutes of your spare time, you can instantly transform the appearance of your front door. If it currently features a dull color that’s started to fade from constant sunlight exposure, then repainting it with a fresh coat could be the perfect solution. The trick is to paint your front door in a color that contrasts with the surrounding elements. For instance, if your home features white, cream or a similar “light” colored siding, then you should focus on painting your front door in a dark color. The two contrasting shades will naturally compliment one another, offering a more eye-appealing front door.

#2 - Use a Braided Rug

Contrary to what some people may believe, braided rugs can be successfully used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, placing one at your front door is a highly effective way to create a more attractive and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a subtle touch that yields both function and aesthetics. If you intend on using a rug here, you’ll need to get into the habit of cleaning it frequently. The front door is a high-traffic area where family members and guests constantly travel; therefore, your braided rug will require cleaning on a regular basis.

#3 - Furniture

A third way to improve the look of your front door is to add some furniture around it. Even it’s just a single rocking chair (see picture below), the addition of furniture will add a unique element of style and sophistication to your front door. With that said, you’ll want to only use furniture that’s made of water-resistant material; otherwise, you could end up having your furniture ruined from excessive rain and moisture. Keep this in mind and only choose furniture for your front door that’s made of water-resistant materials.

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