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Shelf Decorating Ideas


Are the shelves in your home empty or lacking any real sense of style? When done correctly, shelves can add a significant boost to a room’s decor. These simple accessories give you the ability to display a wide variety of furnishings and decorative elements in your room. Unfortunately, though, far too many homeowners take the wrong approach towards decorating their shelves. If you seem to be struggling with this, keep reading for some helpful ideas to create attractive shelves that compliment the rest of your home’s decor.

Rustic Shelf Decorating

Source: sasinteriors.net via Debbie on Pinterest

Okay, I admit that I’m a huge fan of rustic decor. Not only because of its naturally relaxing and pleasing neutral-based colors, but also because of it’s unique characteristics. Whether it’s used in the living room, bedroom game room or even the kitchen, rustic is a highly versatile style of decorating that really improves the overall atmosphere.

This particular example shown above is a shelf decorated with mostly rustic accessories. It’s simple yet sophisticated enough to liven up a room with its unique look. As you can see, some of the items used to decorate this rustic shelf include a a small bronze cage, a stack of books with a lamp placed on top, several different framed pictures, a metallic serving tray, books with a book stopper, and a couple small statues. This example is the epitome of “thinking outside the box.”

Contemporary Shelf Decorating

Source: housetohome.co.uk via Debbie on Pinterest

Here’s another shelf I came across that was decorating exceptionally well. While some people may argue over what style of decorating this is, you can clearly see hints of contemporary with the colors, tones and straight lines being used.

You might be thrown off at just how easy it is to decorate a shelf this way. As long as you have some book, candle holders and a couple of vases, you can create a similar style of shelf in your home. The trick is to use bold, bright colors that really pop against the black background (assuming your shelf is also black), The contrasting colors naturally compliment one another to create an eye-appealing shelf that’s perfect for your home.

Of course, these are just two of the countless different ways to decorate a shelf. Don’t be afraid to use color palettes and accessories that aren’t listed here. One of the great things about decorating shelves is the fact that you can easy add and remove items on the fly. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best in your home.

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