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How To Use Braided Rugs In a Bedroom


One of the benefits of using braided rugs is their sheer versatility. Since they come in so many different styles and designs, you can literally use them in practically any room of the house. Of course, the strong and durable properties of braided rugs also make them ideal for outdoor use. Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can use braided rugs inside a bedroom to achieve a more attractive and functional environment.

Choosing a Location

The first step is to decide exactly where in your bedroom you want to place the braided rug. Depending on the furniture layout of your bedroom, this may or may not be an easy process. If you are having trouble choosing a location for your new rug, consider placing it directly at the foot of your bed (see image below for an example). As long as there’s enough room, using a braided rug here should naturally flow with the rest of your bedroom decor.

Alternatively, you can always place your braided rug on the side of your bed. Doing so will give you a soft padded area to walk on when you get in or out of bed. The only disadvantage is that the braided rug won’t provide the same balanced feeling that it would at the foot of the bed.

Choosing a Size

Next, you’ll need to choose a size for your braided bedroom rug. Some people might simply try to “eyeball” the size, but a better approach is to use a measuring tape to get the exact measurements of the area where you intend on using it. The couple minutes it takes to measure the area will give a better idea as to whether or not the rug will fit. Just compare these measurements to the size specifications on any braided rug you are thinking of purchasing.

Matching Colors and Design

Most importantly, choose a braided rug with a similar color and design as the rest of your bedroom decor. You might not realize just how much of an impact a braided rug will have on your bedroom until you’ve seen it firsthand. However, you can’t make the mistake of choosing a color that clashes with the current elements in your bedroom. Instead, choose a braided rug in a color that naturally blends in with your bedroom. It doesn’t have the necessarily be the same color as everything else, but it should flow together in a cohesive manner.

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