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How to Properly Clean a Braided Rug


The rugs in one’s home add character and comfort that cannot be added any other way. Braided rugs are awesome because they add an esthetic element that cannot be found in any other type of rug. Braided rugs can look elegant or can be used to take more punishment than some other types of rugs.

However, eventually the rug will need to be cleaned. Pets, children and clumsy people can make your braided rug filthy.

Even though braided rugs are easier to clean than many other types of rugs, one should still know how to clean them properly. Here are some tips for cleaning your braided rug.


Maintenance between cleanings:

Vacuuming the rug regularly will help keep it clean. It will also lessen how often the rug needs cleaned. A rug that has been vacuumed regularly will be easier to clean when it does need to go through a thorough cleaning.

A full cleaning:

Beat the rug: First dirt and other loose particles should be removed from the rug. Take the rug outside and drape it over a rail or a sturdy clothesline. Use a stick or a broom to beat the loose dirt off. Not only will this clean your rug but you can get your pent up energy out.

Remove stains: If your rug has stains on it, you can remove them with a mix of white vinegar and water. Use a clean rag and work the stains out of the rug. Avoid the use of soap on the rug. Soap will soak into the fibers and cause dirt to clean to it. Another cleaning solution that can be used is ammonia. Vinegar is recommended due to ammonia’s harsh smell and toxicity.

Most braided rugs are water safe. If the rug is machine washable and dryable and small enough to fit into the washer, use that method. Otherwise, using a high pressured hose on the rug is a great way to completely clean the rug. Make sure that the rug is sturdy enough to withstand water cleaning.

Be sure and hang the rug up to dry in a dry place. Make sure that the wet rug is kept in a clean place to dry. Dirt will stick more easily to the clean rug.

Ensure that the rug is fully dry before putting it back into its place. If the rug is still wet, it will gather dirt and ruin all of your hard work.

Other tips:

If gum gets into the rug, use ice to freeze the gum and easily pull it off of the rug. Do not add more water to the gum.

Clean stains out of the rug as soon as possible. The longer a stain sits on the rug, the harder it will be to remove.

Avoid using hot water to clean stains. Hot water will sometimes set the stain more firmly into the material.

Make sure you know what material from which the rug is made. You do not want to use water on a rug that should be dry cleaned. 

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