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DIY Kids’ Room Decor


Decorating a kid’s room requires a different approach than the rest of a home. You must think outside of the box to create fun and unique decorations that really offer character to the atmosphere. It’s far too common for parents to decorate their kids’ room using the same techniques and elements as the living room. Nine out of ten times this results in a lackluster atmosphere that offers nothing to the atmosphere. So, how should you decorate a kid’s room? Look below for some simple DIY crafts that your child is sure to love!

Shower Curtain Name

Source: dittledattle.blogspot.com via Whitney on Pinterest

Who said shower curtains could only be used in the bathroom? If you have an extra one laying around the house, you can turn it into a decorative piece of art for your child’s room. The example shown above was used to create the word “Family,” but you can create your child’s name or any other word you want.

Although this project looks complex, it’s actually quite easy to make. The backings of the letters are shoebox lids in various sizes. Just glue different styles and colors of scrapbook paper on the back of the shoeboxes and then place adhesive vinyl letters on top. When you are finished, attach a ribbon loop around the back so it will hang from a shower curtain. You can also go over the shoebox lids with Modge Podge to create a shiny surface, but it’s not required.

Spice Racks on Bedroom Furniture

Source: onthebanksofsquawcreek.blogspot.com via Whitney on Pinterest

I stumbled across this DIY kids’ room project and thought it was simply brilliant. It’s basic spice racks purchased from Ikea that were installed on a chest of drawers. If your child is running out of room in their room, you can use this to help free up some extra space. These spice racks are perfect for storing books, movies, video games or practically anything else. Best of all, spice racks such as these can be purchased extremely cheap, so it’s not going to burn a hole in your wallet

Crayon Art

Source: etsy.com via Whitney on Pinterest

If you enjoy getting down and dirty with some melted crayons, then you are sure to enjoy this little DIY art project. All it requires is a large painting canvas, a box of crayons, a hot glue gun, and either a heat gun or blow dryer. Lay the crayons in a horizontal line facing downwards and glue them to the canvas. Next, use a blow dryer or heat gun to melt them. As they melt, they will slowly drip down onto the canvas below, creating a rainbow of delightful colors.

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